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Our Campuses

Grades Nursery to II constitute the Foundation Campus which is housed in a spacious and a colourful building. Each section of Nursery has maximum of 30 children, while in Prep, the strength of students in each class is 32. In Grades I and II, each section has maximum student strength of 36. The student teacher ratio is optimum, ensuring focus on each child's special needs and requirements.  

In DPS Agra, we believe in the natural development of the child. During the primary education, the child absorbs directly from the environment almost like a sponge. Hence, during this phase, language and motor skills are honed through play way method. As they grow, they reach the next stage, and are encouraged to `learn how to learn'. The child learns skills like sorting, grading classifying - all of  that leads to the development of writing, reading and the formation of an analytical mind.
Grades III-XII constitute the Senior Campus  at Shastripuram. This is a challenging phase where the children enter into a formal system of education. The school, at this level too, proudly offers most modern facilities. No effort has been spared in creating a learning environment in which the students can  seek excellence  academically, socially, physically, artistically and spiritually. Designed around a central resource - centre incorporating Smart Classes, Science lab, Humanities lab, Math lab, Language lab, Computer lab and a Library, the entire campus has been planned to function as a dynamic and a connected whole.
Formal education is of little importance unless it contributes to the development of the community at large.  DPS Agra is committed to open the doors of knowledge to the economically challenged and under-privileged. One such initiative is the Shiksha Kendra (started on 17.10.2004) whereby we have opened our doors to these marginalised children. They attend classes after school hours and are provided basic school support by our teachers.

Our Aim:

  • To ensure all round development of the students i.e. linguistic, social-emotional, cognitive &  physical

  • Our approach is play way and through hands on  experience

  • Children are given uniforms, stationery, school bags etc. free of cost

  • To ensure that global goal of education for all is realized

  • To inculcate and implement competency based curriculum for them

  • To involve a community in the process of education    

  • Facilities

    • AWARDS

    All our class rooms are enabled with 42 inch LCD screen , intelligent processors , wireless mouse and keyboards to offer a complete end to end technology integration model for enhancing the sharing and learning process. Smart class is a comprehensive solution designed to assist teachers in meeting with their day to day class room challenges & thereby enhancing students academic performance with simple, practical & meaningful use of technology with instant access to relevant instructor led Multimedia content. The instruction materials are mapped exactly to the specific curriculum guidelines for use in class.Furthermore , each student is given an answering remote known as sensors with a unique answering code to facilitate learning during the lesson by pressing the appropriate button on their handheld device. This generates the scores achieved individually and for the whole after each exercise is completed.


    We have a well equipped infirmary in the school manned by a qualified doctor and a trained nurse. Apart from giving first aid during the school hours, we take care of the following functions:  

  • Hygiene check of the students

  • Health check up by specialists during the Health Week

  • Information about Health Education to the students

  • Safety and First-Aid education to the students

  • Keeping health records of the students

    The school counsellor is a specialist in child psychology and, therefore, plays a vital role in the development of children who need special attention and support. 

    Education being multifaceted, it not only influences the child's mental faculties but also his/her emotional and social quotient. Likewise, the emotional and the social factors influence the child's academic performance. Children pass through many stages during their school life. For most, this transfer is effortless, while others require some motivation to join the mainstream. There are also some children who face difficulty in grasping through usual methods of teaching within the stipulated time. Usually for children with learning disabilities or slow learners, we impart personal attention which enables them to remain at par with their classmates. 

    The Counsellor co-ordinates with the teachers to identify the children with learning disabilities and also those who are hyperactive, aggressive, impulsive or display undesirable behavioural patterns. Thereafter, these children are constantly monitored by the counsellor. Parents can also approach the counsellor to discuss the changes in their child's behaviour. Often, modifications in the parenting styles resolve the problems and leads to a positive parent-child relationship.

    Thus, we at Delhi Public School Agra ensure that all children get the individual attention they deserve so that we may identify their strengths and help them overcome their challenges; thereby creating responsible citizens of the future.
    The school library is open to all the bonafide students of the school. All the classes are provided with one library period per week. 
    A child with a learning disability is said to learn differently. Early identification followed by remedial teaching using multi-sensory techniques helps a child overcome his/her difficulties to a very large extent.  

    Famous personalities like Isaac Newton, Winston Churchill, Leonardo-da-Vinci and Albert Einstein all had difficulty in learning to read and write. So it is of utmost importance that we not only help the child to learn differently but also identify his strengths and provide proper training and guidance.
    We provide career councelling and guidance to students and their parents periodically on how to achieve their goals and meet their challenges through an expert professional Counsellor and Guide appointed by School. 

    Parents may be given an opportunity to consult the expert on a one to one basis for grades IX-XII students.
    Scholar Badges and Certificates are awarded every year to meritorious students who secure the highest percentage in each class in the final exam. 

    Merit and Participation Certificates are issued to students throughout the year for various activities, competitions and assembly activities at the intra-class, inter-section, and inter-house levels.
    The school arranges for remedial classes to help students enhance their scholastic performance. In such a situation the parents are expected to co-operate by making their own transport arrangements.
    The school prepares and guides the students for taking the prestigious National Talent Search Examination (NTSE), National Standards Examination (NSE), Olympiads, conducted by CBSE and other meaningful examinations conducted by reputed organisations across the globe.

    Stages of Study

    The curriculum is designed to ensure all round development of each student. It is comprehensive and complemented by technologically designed methodology, at all stages to foster the intellectual growth required to achieve academic success.

    The medium of instruction is English and special emphasis is laid on both written and spoken English at all levels.The scheme of studies is structured and flexible and the link between Pre-Primary, Primary, Middle, Secondary and Senior Secondary stages is integrated and progressive.

    Nursery & Prep 

    At this stage the students' cognitive and motor skills are developed which enable the children to pursue their natural curiosity and imagination in a stimulating and exciting environment. The core program of studies is enriched with various activities which include art, dance, music, sports and games. Learning through structured activities helps children to progress with ease and confidence.
    Grades 1 to 5 

    At this level, emphasis is on a development based curriculum and students are taught the essential concepts of the subjects. The progress of each student is monitored closely and regular assessments are conducted, the results of which are communicated to the respective parents to facilitate a partnership between them and the school. 

    Emphasis is also laid on developing positive attitude and healthy habits among the students. Apart from preparing students for academics, they are also taught the importance of values like dignity, honesty and morality during their schooling at Delhi Public School Agra.
    Grades 6 to 8  

    During this three-year period the students' intellectual, aesthetic, physical and cultural growth and development are intensified and extended to a foundation course designed to suit students from all educational backgrounds. 

    A smooth transition from childhood to adolescence is facilitated by imparting comprehensive value and need based education.
    Grades 9 & 10 

    This two year period moves students into top gear as they develop both depth and breadth of context in theory and in application. Personalized attention is provided at this stage to prepare the students to face the All India Secondary School Curriculum and Assessment-based on Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation under Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi.
    Grades 11 & 12

    This is the plus two stage in the 10+2 pattern of education leading to the All India Secondary School Certificate Examination (AISSCE) conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education. The school offers three main streams i.e. Science, Commerce and Humanities .

    Streams & Subjects

    DPS Agra follows the syllabus as prescribed by the CBSE. It is our constant endeavour to direct each child to become a motivated life-long learner by experiencing the joy of discovery and the ownership of results. Our curriculum has been structured to ensure that knowledge is imparted through a combination of resources and techniques, thus, making the learning process exciting and easy to comprehend. Classroom teaching, multi-media workshops, exchange programmes, co-curricular activities and excursions help children gain insight and knowledge at various levels.

    Information Technology (IT)
    E-learning is an integral part of the DPS AGRA curriculum. To ensure this, IT plays an important role in providing a modern environment for children to learn and grow. A network of computers on campus ensures that benefits of this technology become accessible to every individual on the campus.

    The combination scheme of subjects may be changed as required/advised by the CBSE. No change of subjects is permitted in Grade 12.

    Students who pass the All India Secondary School Curriculum and Assessment - CCE of CBSE (Grade 10) do not automatically qualify for Admission to Grade 11. The school reserves the right to refuse admission to any student whose conduct or academic performance is not up to the mark.

    English is a compulsory subject for all streams. It is obligatory to speak in English within the school premises.

    Group - A:

    • Physics

    • Chemistry

    • Mathematics

    • Computer Science/Physical Education/ Biotech./Painting

    Group - B:

    • Physics

    • Chemistry

    • Biology

    • Physical Education / Biotech/Painting

    Group - A: 

    • Business Studies

    • Accountancy

    • Economics

    • Mathematics

    Group - B: 

    • Business Studies

    • Accountancy

    • Economics

    • Multimedia & Web Technology/Physical Education/ Painting/Legal Studies/Enterpreneurship

    Group - A:

  • History

  • Political Science

  • Economics/Geography

  • Physical Education/Painting/Legal Studies


    DPS Edge

    • WHY DPS
    A Strong Foundation Built on Values, Traditions and Relationships.

    The Delhi Public School Society has come a long way since it was established in 1949. With over 200 DPSs spread across the globe, the Society has been extremely successful in meeting its objective of providing quality education. That is because the DPS Society has been committed to a non-profit, non-proprietary pursuit of educational excellence since it was set up. In doing so, the Society has provided education to all by contributing to individual and national progress.
    Delhi Public Schools, managed by The Delhi Public School Society, East of Kailash, New Delhi are one of the largest chains in public schools in India and abroad with over 200 members. Over a period of sixty years DPS has gathered experience and knowledge in managing K-12 education as few others have and this depth finds reflection in the way education is imparted in our schools. DPS believes in not just educating but in nurturing each student as a leader for tomorrow, a fact borne out by the eminence of the alumni of this chain all over the globe.
    DPS promises to deliver holistic world-class education to its students: Education that imparts knowledge by instilling confidence. Students are encouraged to ask questions instead of merely answering them because we believe that a curious mind is the receptacle of learning. We allow young children to explore because we believe that learning encompasses learning beyond four walls of the classroom and that there is no better teacher than nature. We have embraced technology and innovation with an open mind because children of this millennium have to master technology and not become its slave. 

    Our efforts are backed by the ergonomic and scientifically designed campuses which are a learning space as a whole. Emphasis has been laid on utilising natural resources to the fullest. Students are taught the importance of environmental conservation through conscious minimising and recycling of waste, thus making the school a zero-tolerant zone for plastic poly-bags.
    The curriculum at our School assimilates the best from various sources and inspirations. There is a sustained balance between theoretical and practical knowledge imparted to students in their best academic interest. A plethora of co-scholastic and co-curricular activities are integrated with the mainstream curriculum, in order to ensure holistic development of our scholars. This empowers the children to unfurl their creativity and apply the acquired cognitive skills into real life situations, thereby letting them embark on a journey of self-discovery, In order to promote stress free and life worthy content, homework and assignment content are sufficient and purpose serving heading to balanced engagement of the students.
    Each teacher on our campus plays multiple roles which extend to being a friend, philosopher and mentor to the young inquisitive minds and souls to ensure that they keep themselves abreast with the latest nuances of pedagogy. Various re-skilling and training programmes are organized for the teachers.  

    DPS is modelled on the concept of a holistic educational institution designed to promote physical, mental and social development. A carefully planned academic and non-academic curriculum ensures a thorough understanding of basic concepts, thus laying a strong foundation for a sound education. 

    At DPS we encourage each and every student to participate in cultural, literary and social activities. Activity periods provided in the curriculum open avenues for exploration and pursuit of hobbies. Impetus to sports encourages participation in various indoor and outdoor sporting disciplines fostering team spirit, loyalty and unity: the essential components of the learning process.
    A healthy body and a mind that can appreciate nuances of aesthetics in nature and diverse human activity are essential requisites of a balanced human being. To facilitate the same, the school's calendar marks multitude of co-curricular activities that cover a very wide spectrum of events round the year. Performing and visual arts, sports and games, environmental studies, meditation and yoga are practiced as a part of routine. Thematic events are organised at regular intervals. Children are exposed to a real experience through interaction with the community. Trips and excursions to places of historical and social importance make them aware and informed. They also get opportunities to interact with experts and resource persons from various fields of human endeavor.
    Evaluation for us is sacrosanct and not merely a tool to judge the capacity of a child to memorize printed information or promote role learning. Evaluation is done via aptitude and skill based tests. These are used to understand every individual's learning curve, capabilities and optimise each student's study program individually. Evaluation also includes areas such as essential life skills, conceptual development, personal attributes, social, emotional and behavioral development, work habits, etc. thereby incorporating in true spirit the CCE (Comprehensive and Continuous Evaluation) vision of CBSE, which barks upon the uniqueness and individuality of every child.

    Co-Curricular Activities

    • PTM
    In order to provide more time to our students for co-curricular activities in the school and to help them achieve a certain level of proficiency in a discipline/ activity, the school conducts different competitions throughout the year. 

    In order to help our students to constructively utilise their time, we conduct a summer camp for two weeks before the summer vacation. The students of Grades I, II, and III join the Summer Camp and take part in activities like Art and Craft, Swimming, Vocal Music, Instrumental Music etc.
    Parents are an integral part of the child's education at our School. Give your child as much quality time as you can and there is no better way to complement the work that is done in school. With prior appointment parents can meet class/subject teacher on any working Wednesday during the break time.
    The school undertakes to celebrate students' birthdays in class by offering a gift to the student and sweets to the class. So no student is permitted to bring any sweets or gifts to school.
    The school undertakes educational trips to the most famous places in Delhi and NCR to enrich student's knowledge about their heritage and culture. The school also initiates interactive talk sessions.
    To teach children about rain forests, wildlife and to encourage the relationship with the outside world, we organise adventure based learning programs for our students. It also helps to explore interdependence and group dynamics. 

    These Programs are primarily designed for: 

      • Building Confidence and Self Worth in students

      • Helping students to challenge their mindsets and fears

      • Building awareness of the basic teamwork and leadership

      • Making students aware of their innate potential and build in "I CAN" and "I WILL" attitude

      • Instilling basic life skills in students


    360 Degree Integrated Campus

    AC Auditorium
    AC Auditorium

    Open Air Plaza
    Open Air Plaza

    Basketball Court
    Basketball Court

    Open Plaza
    Open Plaza

    Nakshatra Vatika
    Nakshatra Vatika

    Lawn Tennis Court
    Lawn Tennis Court

    Yoga Room
    Yoga Room

    Football and Hockey Field
    Football and Hockey Field


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    Indian Dances

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